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The Community pages are used to share information about technical related issues as well as for answering shipping and billing queries. It is also a great place to share your MicroBees projects and give feedback as to your experience with the Developer platform.

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Skype & microBees

If you already read or have started Telegram Bot you know that microBees users can discuss with their appliances. microBees is constantly growing company and we listen carefully our customers needs. So we've created a Skype bot for users want to chat to their microBees devices from office or prefers Skype to other chat platforms. Ask to microBees Skype Bot to turn on/off [...]

microBees and Amazon Alexa

TALK TO YOUR THINGS with microBees and Alexa Alexa, turn on lights Control your microBees devices talking to Alexa Alexa, ask microBees to turn on lights Alexa, ask microBees to turn off TV Alexa, what is senseBee temperature? Ask to your microBees sensors the actual temperature Alexa, ask microBees the senseBee temperature Alexa, ask microBees home temperature [...]

microBees : Works with Nest

Works with Nest Connect your Nest products to your microBees account and start to Be in control. GET STARTED microBees from now Works with Nest.  You can connect your Nest account to microBees and let you to use and control Nest sensors and actuators. Just click Get Started, login allow microBees to access to your Nest products data. [...]

How to set gateBee Network Settings

By default the gateBee is setted to use DHCP but is simple, as always in microBees, to configure your manual settings. 1 - Reach your gateBeeIf you already know the gateBee IP go to http://YOUR-GATE-IP. If you are not aware about your gateBee IP install Bonjour or MDNS service (  for Windows and Avahi for Unix users) and go [...]

MicroBees & Telegram

What would you think if you knew that microBees users can discuss with their appliances?! No, they're not crazy, they're just Telegram Users! Telegram is a messaging app with a focus on speed and security, it’s super-fast, simple and free. You can use Telegram on all your devices at the same time — your messages sync [...]

A very secure IoT platform… certified!

Recently are not rare reports of attacks to Cloud systems and not. In microBees we have always paid attention to information security and we are always in step with the latest technology to ensure the highest possible security. The Bees Our Bees communicate with each other using an hashing algorithm to prevent a Man on the middle attack (“man in […]

How a BEEs network works

How a BEEs network works BEEs talk to each other via our sub-GigaHz radio protocol called ‘BeeTalk’. BEETalk protocol (patent pending) is: secure – we use a cryptographic Hash algorithms to protect the radio packet against “Man on the middle” smart – discovers the network and choose the best path with mesh support – every node of the network can […]

MyBees android – Marshmallow permission system compliance

Android’s permission system is one of the biggest security concern all along since those permissions are asked for at install time. Once installed, the application will be able to access all of things granted without any user’s acknowledgement what exactly application does with the permission. In Marshmallow, apps — at least those that have been […]