How to set gateBee Network Settings

By default the gateBee is setted to use DHCP but is simple, as always in microBees, to configure your manual settings.

1 - Reach your gateBee

If you already know the gateBee IP go to http://YOUR-GATE-IP.

If you are not aware about your gateBee IP install Bonjour or MDNS service (  for Windows and Avahi for Unix users) and go to http://gateBee.local .

2 - Network Settings

Choose if you want use DHCP or set manually your LAN configuration.

Populate the settings form and submit.

3 - Done

The configuration will take about 30 seconds.

When the countdown ends, if your settings were corrected, you will be redirect to your gateBee homepage and you can start to use microBees.

In case of misconfiguration follow “If gateBee is not registered to your LAN” guide.

If gateBee is not registered to your LAN

Click on gateBee button 10 times, the gateBee will assume IP and Gateway .

So set your computer IP to 192.168.1.x ( for Windows users) and connect gateBee Ethernet wire directly in your computer.

Go to point 1.