Hive plans

Chooes the Hive Plan suitable for your needs. Prices are based on the number of calls to the Hive (calls), the number of messages delivered by Hive to your devices or applications (real-time updates) and the amount of space for your sensors data storage.

Start building with our Free Plan. You’ll get 5.000 calls per month and a free storage of the last 24h sensors data! You have the option to increase your usage limits by upgrading to a paid plan anytime.


  • 5.000 monthly calls
  • no real-time updates
  • 1 configurable app
  • users
  • last 24h sensors data storage


  • unlimited calls
  • 10Mln monthly real-time updates
  • 1.000 monthly mobile push messages
  • 20 configurable apps
  • 500 users
  • 5GB sensors data storage

Need more?

If you need specific configurations, personalized login theme or if you have specific needs

Request a custom plan

Pricing FAQs

What are calls?
A call is counted each time you access Hive platform from your account including REST APIs and native SDKs.
What about billing?
You have the option to increase your usage limits by upgrading to a paid plan anytime. Your subscription will be billed on the first of each month. If your subscription is created after the first, the charged amount will be prorated.
What does storage mean?
If you use storage options data from your sensors will be stored in our database and accessible through teh statistic APIs. We count the size of your sensors data.
What is an app?
Before you can begin using the Hive APIs or SDKs (based on OAuth standard), you must first register a new app using the Developer backend. When registering a new app, you usually register basic information such as application name, website, a logo, etc. In addition, you must register a redirect URI to be used for redirecting users to for web server, browser-based, or mobile apps.
What are real-time update messages?

Real-time messages are configurable as:

  1. POST messages to your configured server;
  2. MQTT messages to your attached consumer.

A call is counted every time there’s an update data from one of your sensors.