A very secure IoT platform… certified!

Recently are not rare reports of attacks to Cloud systems and not.
In microBees we have always paid attention to information security and we are always in step with the latest technology to ensure the highest possible security.

The Bees
Our Bees communicate with each other using an hashing algorithm to prevent a Man on the middle attack (“man in the middle” literally, an attacker who would like introduce illegally in the system) to track, read or modify the communications between devices,  making sure that you and ONLY YOU can have access to your devices (see How a Bees Network works).

The Cloud
The Cloud, the real mastermind behind the solution microBees, could not be outdone.
Any communication between gateBee and Cloud is subjected to encryption with an OTP algorithm (One Time Password) that encrypts with a password that will be changed independently of each message.
Authentication on the Cloud is through the well-known protocol OAuth2 (for the uninitiated, the same used by Google, Facebook, Twitter …) with big tricks and customizations made by our team to make it completely safe.

From the point of view of the high-level component, the client and server exchange messages within a session.
Our authentication sessions are encrypted with AES 256bit 64bit with salt to prevent spoofing attacks.
All calls to our API through myBees or our websites are HTTPS with a signature SHA256 with RSA (Test now our serve on SSL Labs ) so nobody can intercept Internet communications with the Cloud.

Qualys SSL Labs graduates our server as A+, the highest security level.