The communication between server and client is managed with rest http. When you want invoke a specific method you can use : see also Create your Activity. Demo code Array

Creating your Activity

This is how you must implement your activity, after connection you can send command or get information from microbees system. Demo code Array With this : Array You can see complete list of all REST API here.

Including the library in Android Studio

use the "Import Module..." function to include the mybees SDK After you've imported the module click on "Open Module Settings" and add dependencies from this module. Now in build.gradle add this dependencies: Array Open your strings.xml file. Example path: /app/src/main/res/values/strings.xml. Add a new string with the name microbees_clinet_id and value as your MicroBees Client ID [...]

Getting started

These are the simple step you have to do before start coding your Android APP: download the SDK from here library; Create your microBees Application from Developer Dashboard; Get your App ClientID (the API_KEY); Add our SDK (and dependencies) to your Android Studio project; Configure your project in accordance with the following specifications. This SDK [...]