Registering and configuring an APP

Follow this simple steps to create and configure a new MicroBees APP.

  1. You’ll need MicroBees developer account to get started. If you don’t have one or want to upgrade your user account to a MicroBees Developer account now simply follow the link below:
    Login with your microBees account
  2. Choose “Apps” in the header navigation and select “Add a New App” or use the button below:
    Create a new MicroBees App
  3. Choose your development platform and provide requested informations.
  4. Your app will have a unique app ID. You will use this ID whenever you use one of our SDKs. You can find your app ID in your app’s dashboard.
  5. MicroBees auto-generates an app secret associated with your application. The application secret authenticates requests made by your application to MicroBees servers and should be treated like a password. Do not output your MicroBees application secret in your webpage markup; be careful when committing files containing this value into source control software such as a public Git or Subversion repository.
  6. Last step is to generate an App token. This is a long term token used by your application for request authentication on MicroBees servers.
    Choose your app in Dashboard App Menu and select the navigation item “Rest Api Tool”; here you’ll find the functionality for automatic token generation. Use this function also to periodically update the token.