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WireDuino is a production ready, freely programmable board to control and measure the power consumption of a power line.

It is based on Arduino Open Source Software Technology and it can virtually serve any controlling, automation and data-logging purpose for you.

WireDuino is equipped with all you need to build your own switching and power metering system:

  • AC 220/110 V 50/60 Hz -> DC transformer
  • Power metering circuitry able to measure Voltage and Current (so also the Power Factor)
  • Power relay to switch ON/OFF the power line
  • Programmable Board button

Easily connect the board in your wiring to build a power metering system

WireDuino can measure:

  • Voltage
  • Current
  • Power factor
  • Real and Apparent power

WireDuino is also expandable by using the onboard:

  • Serial TTL Interface (through dedicated UART connector)
  • I2C Interface (through Expansion header)
  • SPI Interface(through Expansion header)
  • GPIOs

Thanks to the expansion header you can easily connect any external device (e.g. wifi, bluetooth modules such as ESP8266 or others).

A production ready Arduino library and all the developer resources are available at the following Github repository.