Method description

End point /getGateDetails
Description Get detailed infos about a Gate
Request method POST
Bearer token Required


RequestParam None
RequestBody None


A JSON representation of the Gate identified by an id
"label":"Home gate",
"connected": true,
"local_ip": "",
"public_ip": "...",
"connected": true/false,
"lastUpdate": 110987662626,
"bees_connected": 5,
"firmware_version": "firmware identifier"
Field name Description Type
id Gate identifier Long
serial Gate serial number String
label Gate label String
local_ip Local IP address of the Gate in user LAN String
connected Get the Hive connection status of the Gate Boolean
lastUpdate The time the Hive received the last update message from the Gate Long
bees_connected Number of BEEs this Gate is connected to Integer
firmware_version The firmware version the Gate is running String