Method description

End point /getMyBees
Description Returns the list of the user’s BEEs
Request method POST
Bearer token Required


RequestParam None
RequestBody None


A JSONArray representation of the user’s BEEs
"label": "Living room",
"serial": "890023",
"gate_serial": "B1-XX-YY-JJ-PP",
"gate_id": 2,
"lastUpdate": 119087650,
"name": "Living room",
"active": true/false,
"productID": 7,
"rssi": 79,
"status_string": {
"Power": "123W"
Field name Description Type
id BEE identifier Long
label BEE label String
serial BEE serial number String
gate_serial Serial number of the Gate to which this BEE is linked String
gate_id Identifier of the Gate to which this BEE is linked Long
lastUpdate Time of the last update message received from this BEE Long
name Name of this BEE String
active Active status of the BEE Boolean
productID Identifier of the BEE product type (1 for WireBEE, 9 for SenseBEE) Long
rssi Radio link signal strength indicator Long
status_string A JSON representation of the BEE’s sensor status JSONObject