Method description

End point /getBeeActuators
Description Returns the list of all the actuators of a BEE
Request method POST
Bearer token Required


Field name Description Type
id BEE identifier Long
RequestBody None


A JSONArray representation of the actuators associated with a BEE
Example [code][{
“label”: “Power switch”,
“prototypeID”: 2,
“prototypeName”: “Prototype name”,
“gate_serial”: “serial-number-of-the-gatebee”,
“bee_serial”: “serial-number-of-the-bee”,
“value”: 1,
“deviceID”: 2,
“beeID”: 7,
“connection_status”: true/false

Field name Description Type
id Actuator identifier Long
label Actuator label String
prototypeID Identifier of the actuator prototype Long
prototypeName Actuator prototype name String
gate_serial Serial number of the GateBEE connected with this actuator String
bee_serial Serial number of the BEE connected with this actuator String
value Status of the actuator (es. 1 ON, 0 OFF) Integer
deviceID Identifier of the device type Integer
connection_status Indicated the Hive connection status of the actuator Boolean
beeID Identifier of the BEE associated with this sensor Long