Method description

End point /getMyRawEnergyData
Description Returns a JSON representation of the raw stored energy data of a particular sensor
Request method POST
Bearer token Required


RequestParam None
Field name Description Type
minutesBack Number of minutes in the past from the current date Long
sensor_id Sensor identifier Long


"minutesBack": 10,
"sensor_id": 10


A JSON representation of the stored energy data of a particular sensor
"smartbee_names": ["name1","name2","name3","name4"],
"grand_total": 2200,
"streams": [{
"sensor_name": "sensor1",
"sensor_id": 3,
"sensor_prototype": 32,
"current_value": "...",
"unit": "",
"channel_id": 301,
"total": 1190,
"stream": [{
"timestamp": 1190887, "value": 0,
"timestamp": 1190890, "value": 10,
"timestamp": 1190910, "value": 11,
}, {
}, {
Field name Description Type
smartbee_names A JSONArray representation of the names of the sensors JAONArray
grand_total Grand total of the the values contained in all streams fetched Double
sensor_name Name of the sensor String
sensor_id Sensor identifier Long
sensor_prototype Sensor prototype identifier Long
current_value Current value of the Sensor String
unit Unit data representation String
channel_id Data channel identifier Long