Method description

End point /getMyDataChannels
Description Returns the list of the user’s Data channels
Request method POST
Bearer token Required


RequestParam None
RequestBody None


A JSONArray representation of the user’s Data channels
"sensor_id": 2,
"sensor_prototype_id": 32,
"sensor_prototype_name": "name",
"bee_name": "name of the bee",
"bee_prototype_id": 2,
"sensor_name": "lamps power meter",
"symbol": "W",
"units": "Watts"
Field name Description Type
sensor_id Sensor identifier Long
sensor_prototype_id Sensor prototype identifier Long
sensor_prototype_name Sensor prototype name String
sensor_name Sensor name String
bee_name Name of the BEE to which this sensor is connected String
bee_prototype_id Bee prototype identifier Long
symbol Symbol name String
unit Uni name String