Introducing the Hive

your smart cloud!

Smart Logic Engine

Hive Smart Logic subsystem is an innovative engine based on a scripting framework that let you easily create smart logics using the web.

Thanks to our powerful Sensors and Actuators Abstraction Layer, data from hardware sensors or from the internet (such as weather feeds, social updates…) can be mixed together in a powerful algorithm using scripting.

The Message Broker

At the heart of the Hive platform there’s the Message broker enabling real-time communication between third party applications and hardware endpoints.

Using a publish / subscribe, asynchronous processing, work queues, and intelligent consumers message dispatching the Message Broker allows to easily scale the entire platform to serve million of requests.

AMQP, MQTT messaging protocols and HTTP JSON-RPC are supported.

API Controller

A complete set of REST APIs allows third party to easily interact with the Hive platform.

The Hive API Controller is the endpoint for web and mobile developers allowing access to resources.

OAuth2 standard is used for clients authentication.

Sensor Data stream Controller

The SDC (Sensor Datastream Controller) is a dedicated Hive subsystem specifically designed for sensors data parsing and storage.

The SDC is highly scalable and allows real-time sensors data storage and normalization.

Using Google BigQuery as backend service, SDC allows real-time creation of data reporting and insights also on millions records datasets.

Integration Layer

Thanks to Hive Integration Layer everything can be a Sensor or an Actuator!

Toggling a switch, sending a push message or writing a new record in a Google Drive spreadsheet are all actions fired by the same method.

In the same way data from a temperature sensor, a realtime facebook page update, a new weather condition of a specified place or the arrival of a new message in your email box are all sensors data read by the same method.

Using third party platform like Temboo, hundred of new channels are ready to use in your IoT project.

Device Controller

Hive Device Controller manages all your connected hardware and software. It gives you all informations regarding their status and let you send push notifications to mobile Apps using our SDKs.

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